What a Personal Injury Lawyer Thinks About My Victorian Reno Project

What a Personal Injury Lawyer Thinks About My Victorian Reno Project

Hi! I’m Jay Waters. This is my blog where I talk a bit about the renovation and real estate projects I’m working on. Today, I wanted to share a little about my Victorian reno project that is my most recent design project. 

I received some high praise from an Albuquerque personal injury lawyer who said that they might be interested in renting the space when I’ve completed the renovation. I definitely think that I will only be willing to rent the building, because it’s simply too delicious to sell.

About My Whimsical and Colorful Historic Victorian Reno

So, my Victorian home was built in 1902 and sits in the heart of downtown. There isn’t much of a yard and no privacy, but the building is an absolute gem. It was in bad shape when I got my hands on it, though. The exterior was faded and the wood was deteriorated in some places. I was lucky to be able to save most of the exterior, only having to replace some of the wooden siding. The rest of the exterior was scraped and repainted a gorgeous ocean blue.

I didn’t change any of the original details of the exterior except I did add window boxes.

The interior is still under renovation, and I expect it will be another year or so before it is complete. At present, I am focused on the main level of the building (there are three levels). 

Since I know the home will most likely be used as office space, I have taken down several walls in the main living space. I’m keeping the kitchen as is for the moment, since most office spaces need a kitchen. I’m also keeping the fireplaces intact. 

So far, I’ve had drywall put up and I’ve picked out some wood-look plank flooring. It’s extremely durable and beautiful, and I can’t wait until it’s installed. Yeah, yeah, I know. What about the original wood floors? I intend to keep those in the upper level, but since the main level will be getting a lot of foot traffic, I think it’s more practical to install the wood-look tiles.

Next on my list is a closed in back porch that I intend to use as a sort of library or storage space. I’m going to be putting in built-in bookcases. No matter what type of renter I get, most businesses could use some built-in storage. I’ve already painted this room a cheery yellow.

Come Back Soon!

That’s it for now, friends. I promise to keep you all updated on the project. I know that most people love a good renovation. And if you’re like me, a Victorian reno in the heart of a downtown center? Dream come true!


Stewart Warner

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