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When married couples divorce in Washington, the Court terminates the legal relationship between husband and wife and that is why it is formally called “dissolution” of marriage.”  But before the Court will terminate the marriage contract between spouses, couples must agree or the Court must decide how five basic issues are going to be handled.  If the parties have minor children, there must be a parenting plan and a child support order.  In certain cases, where one spouse’s income may be substantially less than the other spouse’s income, there may be spousal support, called “maintenance” in Washington, while in other states; it is called “alimony.”

Property and debt must be divided.  While there is much law in Washington about how to handle these issues, there is a general principal that the outcomes in divorces regarding property and debt divisions should be “fair and equitable.”

Another general principal is that the parenting plan should be “in the best interests of the children.”  Child support and maintenance are largely determined by formula which focuses on the incomes of the parties, the number of their children and the ages of the children.

There are many more decisions to made, such as health insurance coverage for the parties and the children, college expenses for the children, tax exemptions, tax implications of maintenance and issues related to dividing property, especially retirement benefits which are intricate and must be handled correctly.

Boyd Buckingham, lawyer, has spent 32 years representing clients located in Renton, Kent, Auburn, Seattle, Newcastle, Maple Valley, Tukwila, SeaTac and Bellevue.  People have come to him from all over King County to handle their divorces because of his experience and his long time, highly trained staff.   You will find that the professional staff of Boyd Buckingham Law Office is helpful, compassionate and accessible.

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Client Testimonials

Samantha Griffin

Boyd Buckingham handled my case for Post-Secondary Support for my daughter’s college costs. All I can say is that I wish I had known about him when I got my divorce. Boyd has a way of separating emotion from the legal issue(s) at hand, presenting it in clear and understandable terms, and taking the fear out the process. His staff is phenomenal – professional, courteous, and above all, kind. In the courtroom, he was amazingly eloquent and organized. His ability to deflect opposing counsel’s arguments was impressive. I give him and his staff five stars out of five!!!

Chuck Pepka

I was introduced Boyd over thirty years ago at Renton Rotary. He was already interested in the Renton community. He has demonstrated ethics and integrity many times over the years in his practice Renton. Recently I needed his professional service in a difficult divorce. Boyd showed his experience, judgment and planning and was superior in getting a resolution. He also has an excellent staff of professionals working with him. Together they maintained a high ethical standard while still containing the costs. Thank you, Boyd, Lisa, and staff for a job well done.

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