Each Office Has a Different Theme

Each Office Has a Different Theme

Hello, renovation lovers! I’m Jay Waters, and I’m back to share some more progress on my Victorian renovation project. This is one of the best projects I’ve ever done, and I’m really using all of my creative energy.

I did get some advice from a personal injury lawyer in Richmond for the project I’m sharing today because I wanted to make sure that the space was beautiful but would also be useful for lawyers. Since I’m designing this project with attorneys in mind, getting advice from an attorney seemed like a smart idea.

The Design

So, I’ve been working on the office spaces in the upper level of my old Victorian house. Originally, the upper level was filled with bedrooms meant for sleeping in. I’ve decided to use these rooms as offices because I’m hoping to rent this building to attorneys in the downtown area, if you recall. 

I made sure to include the useful items my attorney friend recommended, but on this blog, we are going to discuss the FUN stuff!

This was such a fun project because I decided to do themes in each of the four “offices.” The first theme is a law theme, of course. I had so much fun with it. I brought in an artist to paint a four-wall mural of a courtroom complete with a jury box and a gallery full of angry people seeking justice. I had a chandelier custom-designed with the scales of justice on it.

In the second office space, I decided to do a travel theme. I’ve always wanted a room that felt like a British museum. I lined the walls with antique shelves and file cabinets and hung artwork that I found at a local antique store. The walls I painted in an aged yellow, as though they were once white and had slowly yellowed over time.

In the third office space, I chose to use a circus theme. Isn’t there something so magical about the circus? I even painted the ceiling in red and white stripes to look like a big top tent, and I did it myself! The walls are also striped red and white, and I found a fun chandelier with an elephant balancing on a ball. 

The fourth office space is my favorite. It’s in the design of a jungle. There is something very whimsical about being lost in the jungle. Jumanji is my favorite movie of all time, so you can understand why I chose this theme. 

Check Back in Again Soon!

Thanks for visiting my blog again, fellow renovators. I hope you enjoyed hearing about how I designed the office spaces. I really love sharing this project with you all.

Stewart Warner

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