Archive March 31, 2020

Introducing “The She Shed”

Hello to my renovation buddies! Thanks for returning to my blog. For any who are new, my name is Jay Waters. I blog about renovation projects I’m working on. 

The project I’ve been working on lately is a Victorian house downtown. I’m converting the house into a space that will work for lawyers. Most of the offices in the area are law offices, so I thought that it would be smart to convert my Victorian into law offices.

The “She Shed”

Today, I’m talking about the shed behind the house. I was struggling for months to come up with an idea for the shed. Of course, I could always just make it a shed. But, how boring would that be? Lawyers don’t need as much storage space as a homeowner would, so I thought I would convert it into something more interesting.

I decided to turn it into a “she shed.” I got this idea from an NYC truck accident lawyer. I think it’s a fabulous idea. So, I started to think of a concept for the “she shed.” I thought, why not make it into an escape for female lawyers? Especially for female lawyers who are nursing and need to pump during business hours. 

Lawyering is a stressful job, so I wanted this space to feel peaceful. I started by painting the ceiling a nice pale blue, and I had an artist come in and paint clouds on the ceiling. Next, I painted the walls a pale cheerful green. I wanted someone to come into this space and feel like they are relaxing in a spring meadow. 

Next, I filled the space with as many fluffy armchairs and ottomans as I could find. At first, I was going to have all of the chairs match. But I thought that would be boring. If you don’t know by now, I don’t like boring. 

I found armchairs of all shapes, patterns, colors, and sizes and mismatched ottomans. Now, this might sound a bit stressful, but I made sure they complimented each other and felt cozy rather than overwhelming. A bit of organized chaos is sort of my design aesthetic. 

The end result is so gorgeous. I think the lady lawyers will never want to go back to work. They might just grab a few books, kick up their feet, and become women of leisure. 

Visit My Reno Blog Again Soon

Thanks again for dropping by my reno blog. I love sharing my design projects and ideas with you all. I’ll be back soon to share more renovation projects.