Archive February 5, 2020

Each Stair Riser Represents a Different Legal Practice Area

Welcome back to my renovation blog! For those of you who are new, I’m Jay Waters. On this blog, I share renovation and design projects I’m working on. My latest project is a Victorian house that’s being converted into office space for lawyers to rent. The entire project has taken on the lawyer/legal theme. I can’t help myself!

I have been going over the top, and today’s post on the staircase project I’ve been working on is no exception. I can’t seem to prevent myself from going big with my lawyer/legal theme. 

About the Staircase Project

So . . . I have been focused on the gorgeous staircase in this Victorian. If you’re familiar with Victorian houses, they often have grand wooden staircases. These staircases are real showstoppers, but I wanted mine to be even more unique. 

What I did was sand the staircase railings and give them a nice dark stain (almost black) to give them the feel of an old English courtroom. Then, of course, I gave them a nice polish. But, it’s the stair risers that I’m really excited about. I came up with the idea of doing a stencil on each riser of the different types of legal practice areas. 

For instance, one stair riser reads: SEC whistleblower law. Another stair riser reads: criminal law. Another riser reads: personal injury law. Another reads: employment law. This goes on for fifteen stair risers. Who knew there were so many different types of legal practice areas out there? Corporate law, environmental law, family law, and on and on it goes!

I decided to keep the stair risers white and do a nice black stencil. Cursive writing, naturally. I did consider doing a typewriter-style font, but I ultimately decided on cursive. I really love the way that it turned out! 

If you are ever considering changing up your staircase, playing with the stair risers is a great place to start! You could do a unique color or pattern. It really is a wonderful way to change up your space.

Until Next Time!

You all are wonderful for checking in with me to see how my project is going. I hope that this blog gives you renovation and design ideas. As a design lover and renovation lover, I am always looking for inspiration. Hopefully this blog and my reno project is inspiring for you!