Hello there, folks. I’m Jay Waters, a real estate developer, and not the typical person you would find writing a blog. I suppose there is no real “typical blogger,” but I’m not much of a writer, let me tell you. I can’t even come up with a good blog title, for goodness sakes! 

Divorce Lawyers Rent on Washington? Sheesh! The title of my blog might be a little confusing for you, so I’m going to clarify for you. I purchased the domain “divorcelawyersrentonwashington” when I was working on a real estate development project on Washington Ave. I was renovating an old office building, and I thought the office would be perfect for divorce and family lawyers, as the office was adjacent to the family courthouse. 

I was right, by the way. A large firm of cutthroat family lawyers duke it out in that pleasant historical building. I went with an industrial look—very contemporary and trendy. Just like divorce.

What I Use This Site for Now

Anywho, now I use this blog as a way to share real estate development projects I’m working on or considering. I have a passion for buying properties, turning them into amazing places for businesses or families, and I love this job. 

I’m a bit of an interior designer at heart, so I tend to add a lot of design features to my projects, which I’m happy to talk about here on my blog. I don’t do boring office spaces and parking garages. I’m into all kinds of different renos/design projects and each one is unique and has its own flavor and style.

What’s My Current Design Project?

My latest project is a gorgeous historic home right in the heart of downtown. It’s a Victorian and it was in bad shape. It’s coming together now, and I think it would make a fabulous bookstore/coffee shop. 

It’s actually not far from the office building on Washington Ave. that I renovated for the divorce lawyers. Perhaps they can take their clients out for a cup of coffee and read a nice romance novel about the beginning of a relationship—before the romance has turned sour.

Visit Me Again Soon

If you’re interested in renovation and design projects, my blog might be the place for you. There’s plenty of inspiration to be found here, even if I’m not the greatest blogger on the planet. I often find inspiration on other developers and real estate flippers’ websites. I hope you find inspiration here.